Students attend lectures with Sir James MacMillan

A Level Music Students attend lectures with Sir James MacMillan

This week, our A Level Music students attended the Riddell Memorial Lectures at Newcastle University, by esteemed composer Sir James MacMillan.  MacMillan is famed for writing such works as ‘7 Last Words on the Cross’, and ‘The Confession of Isobel Gowdie’.  MacMillan’s St. Luke’s Passion is to be performed at The Sage, Gateshead in March 2018.

The title of the series of two lectures was ‘Music, Modernity and the Search for the Sacred’.  MacMillan spoke about the development of classical music and it’s link to the sacred, particularly from a Christian perspective as he himself is Catholic.  He used examples from the works of Elgar and Poulenc to illustrate the profound influence biblical texts have had on choral music and opera, and also explained the influence his Catholic faith has had on his own work.  This was a fantastic and challenging experience for our students to attend a lecture in a university environment, as well as meet one of most revered composers of our time.