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James Forster

I attended St Thomas More from 2004 to 2011.

James ForsterI am currently a Year 5 class teacher in a local school in Blaydon. After I left St. Thomas More I stayed local reading English Language and French at Northumbria University. I then undertook a School Direct teacher training course.  The love of learning and academia I developed during my time at St. Thomas More has lead me to further develop in my career as I am now undertaking a Masters in Pedagogical Studies.

The inspiring teachers at St. Thomas More School helped me discover that a career in teaching was for me; much of my teaching practice is inspired by the teachers I had the pleasure of learning from.  The sixth form classes in French and English were also extremely enjoyable; it was here that I first realised I could possibly enjoy following the same path as my teachers. I came to value the pastoral aspect of school as the teaching staff were so supportive; they always had high expectations, encouraged self-directed learning and nurtured all pupils to become their own person.  These are qualities I now pursue with my own class.

Dr Nicola Martin

I attended St Thomas More from 2001 to 2008.

nicola martinAfter leaving St Thomas More I moved to Nottingham to study medicine at university and have been there ever since! I’m just about to finish my 2nd year as a doctor and am currently working in paediatrics in a district general hospital.

The teaching staff at St Thomas More were so supportive; they always pushed me to work at my best and encouraged self-directed learning which is essential to do well at university and is a skill I still use in my medical training.  The Wednesday afternoon sessions in 6th form in which we were encouraged to spend time volunteering (I spent mine in a local care home) really helped build a foundation for my communication skills and I would encourage everyone to participate actively try and get as much out of these sessions as they can.


Joshua James

joshua jamesAfter studying at St Thomas More from 2007-2013, I went on to Oxford to study English. I’m about to go into my third year now, and I’ve absolutely loved university so far. During my time here I’ve become far more interested in Old English and Old Irish than I ever thought I would be, though I do also try to maintain a few interests outside of my academic work.

For instance, I’ve just finished a year’s stint as the Arts Rep for my college, during which time I’ve organised open mic nights, concerts and a pantomime, and I’m currently Editor for my college’s magazine. I also play piano in an improvised comedy group, and will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe with them in August. These pursuits, while separate from study, are informed by academic work, are useful to academic work and, perhaps most importantly, provide what is often a very welcome refuge from academic work. What’s more, each is a continuation of an interest which can be traced back to its roots in my time at school.

This school has a great knack for cultivating in its students an appreciation of the importance of balance, and while it probably goes without saying that the school helped me to develop my interest in English, I cannot say emphatically enough that my university experience to-date would have been far less rich and interesting were it not for the many opportunities offered to me by St Thomas More School.

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