Ethic of Excellence

Here are at St Thomas More we want all students to take pride in their work and show excellence at all times. This is to ensure that all students make significant progress and gain key skills that will help them become reflective learners. The work which students produce should be something they are proud of and we encourage students to take responsibility for their work. We hope by doing this, students become skilled at being independent learners who work hard in all of their subjects. Below are some examples of what excellence work at St Thomas More looks like.

Take PRIDE in your work.
P: Pride and Progress
R: Responsibility
I: Improvements
D: Detail
E: Effort

Pride and Progress:

Neat presentation
Be proud of the work you produce
Address your targets


Look for ways to improve your work
Complete all work that has been set
Complete your target sheets


Improve all work in green pen
Redraft where necessary


Underline dates and titles
Use a pencil when drawing
Include examples and explanations


Make sure all work and homework is complete the the best of your ability