More prayer time

A time for parents and teachers to pray for our school

The Gospel is central to everything at St Thomas More and therefore prayer for our school is high on the “to do” list.

More Prayer Time…. is a new gathering of parents and teachers who meet for approximately one hour every half term to pray for the needs of the school.

PrayerForSchoolsWe are registered with Pray For Schools and further information about this organisation can be found on their website:

We are currently a small group but look forward to meeting with more parents and teachers in the future.


Our next meeting is:

Tuesday 20th November 2018, 4:15pm to 5:15pm at St Thomas More Catholic School (please report to school reception)

 More Prayer Time – February 2017

Luke 11:2-4 (CEV)

Father, help us to honour your name.
We prayed about RE, Collective Worship and for staff with responsibility for Ethos and the spiritual leadership of the school. We also prayed for wisdom regarding the vacant chaplain post and that faith would become more real to more of the pupils.

Come and set up your kingdom.
We prayed that Kingdom values (love, compassion, grace, humility, honesty, service etc) would continue to be seen and promoted in every area of school life.

Give us each day the food we need.
We prayed for the many and varied needs of the school asking for God’s provision. In particular we prayed for strength for the staff as they face increased workloads. We also prayed for future funding to be secured and for the English department, as Year 10 prepare for their English Language GCSE exams this summer.

Forgive our sins, as we forgive everyone who has done wrong to us.
We recognised that in a community of hundreds of people, there will be misunderstandings, clashes, harsh words and hurt. We prayed that everyone involved would be able to show grace and offer forgiveness.

And keep us from being tempted.
We prayed for staff and pupils to be protected from the various temptations and pressures they face. We asked for wisdom and integrity for all.