Reading For Pleasure

A significant amount of research suggests reading is one of the most influential factors in supporting pupil progress.  As a school we take every opportunity to ensure our pupils read for pleasure and pupils are expected to have a reading book with them at all times.

We make use of the following strategies across the school:

  • Reading during Pastoral time
  • Termly reading challenges
  • Staff and pupil reading groups
  • Accelerated Reader (Key Stage 3)
  • Active reading groups

As a parent we encourage you to read with your child at home. Please follow the links below for Key Stage 3 and 4 reading lists.

 pdf-icon Key Stage 3 Reading List
 pdf-icon Key Stage 4 Reading List

At key Stage 5 we encourage pupils to select their own reading texts however if they require any support they are asked to speak to Mr Wilkie who leads the KS5 reading club.

If you would like any further information on how to encourage and support your child please download this helpful guide to reading support:

pdf-icon Parental Literacy Support – Reading