Tackling exam stress

Exams can be a very stressful time for students, and also for those who are helping them. We have put together a short list of resources which offer advice and guidance to help you through this time:

For Students– have a look through the various links to find out different ways to deal with exam stress and use smart revision techniques:
Exam Stress and Pressure – Childline

How to Beat Exam Stress – Childline

Five Steps to Tackle Exam Stress – Student Minds

Smart Revision Advice – BBC Bitesize

Remember: Plan ahead, ask for help or support if you’re struggling, believe in yourself, read questions carefully and try your best!

Don’t forget: Use the STM Year 11 Revision Site to help you with your revision.

For Parents/guardians – check out the guidance from the NHS to help your child beat exam stress and anxiety:

Helping your child beat exam stress – NHS