Y13 Geography Field Trip

During this week, our Y13 Geography students have been collecting data for their fieldwork. The students were able to choose their own investigations, which allowed the group to visit a range of difference places.

On Monday and Wednesday the group spent the day at the River Tees; collecting data at different sites on velocity, discharge, infiltration rates, soil and vegetation. It was a slow start, as the students had to get used to the methods, but by mid-morning they were all working together and needed very little help. They even got the chance to visit High Force Waterfall which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Students at High Force Waterfall

On Tuesday, the students were collecting data at the coast. They started off at Druridge Bay, looking at the profile of the sand dunes (vegetation type and cover), and collecting some soil samples to bring back to test the pH. The group also wanted to find out if longshore drift was occurring, which resulted in throwing numbered oranges into the sea and seeing how far they moved – a lot more difficult than you would expect! After making their way to Blyth for some fish & chips and an ice cream, they looked at some of the coastal defences in the area. Visibility was poor and they couldn’t see much further than a few metres, but they managed to bring everyone back safe sound!

Visibility at Druridge Bay

On Thursday, the group spent the day in Newcastle conducting surveys on T. Dan Smith, which looked at whether or not people believed that he had a significant influence on Newcastle, as well as a chance to do some revision on their Changing Places topic.

It was a fantastic week and all of the students were a credit to the school.