Year 13 Trial Examinations Timetable 2017

Dear Parent Guardian

In preparation for the final examinations next summer, Year 13 students will have a trial exam in all subjects that are assessed by external examination. This will happen over a two week period beginning Monday 20th November. A copy of the examination timetable will be available in the Sixth Form section of the school website from today.

We ask for your support in this process by helping to ensure that your son/daughter is using a revision timetable, is fully aware of the date and time of each examination and that they are investing sufficient time in revising for the examinations.

Students who are sitting trial exams can take their normal study leave as long as it does not conflict with an examination or preparation for an examination. There will be no extra study leave granted during this process.

Following the completion of the examinations, I will contact you if there are any concerns or issues you need to be aware of. You will then have the opportunity to discuss your son/daughter’s progress at their final parents evening on Wednesday, 24th January 2018.

If you have any queries about any part of the trial examination process, do not hesitate to contact me in school.


John Davis

Director of Sixth Form