Year 7 – Activity Week

General information

  1. School dinners will be available as normal on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th. Pupils will be required to bring a packed lunch on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th. Pupils are able to bring a packed lunch from home, but also have the option of ordering a packed lunch from the dining hall using their dinner card earlier in the week (this will be free of charge for those entitled to Free School Meals).
  2. Pupils are able to wear non-uniform on Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th, however pupils must be appropriately dressed for the various activities each day.
  3. School Buses will be in place as normal. Pupils are to attend school by 08.45am, and will leave normal time, apart from on Thursday after LightWater Valley.


The day will be split into 2 sessions. These sessions will take place in the school grounds.

Session 1: Murder Mystery type activity.

Session 2: Working with an external sports provider, playing and experiencing different types of sporting activities.

Comfortable clothing and trainers need to be worn.


Orienteering – This will take place in the school grounds.

Pupils will learn the elements of orienteering including the use of a compass, map reading, measuring through pacing and all of the orienteering symbols.  Students will then test their knowledge and skills on site.


Orienteering competition –  Packed Lunch Required.

Pupils will be walked to the Derwent Walk at Winlaton Mill.  Once there, they will be split into smaller teams, and under the supervision of staff and assistance from sixth form students, they will take part in an orienteering competition. Pupils will eat their packed lunch on the Derwent Walk. Pupils will be walked back to school in time for buses.


Trip to Lightwater Valley – Packed Lunch Required.

Coaches will leave school at 9am and arrive at Lightwater Valley at  approximately 11am. Pupils will have time to enjoy the rides and other facilities that the park provides. They will need to bring a packed lunch, and a little spending money if they want to buy any sweets or ice creams at the park. Please make sure that pupils are dressed appropriately for the weather forecast on that day;  please ensure pupils have sunscreen if it is needed. We will be leaving the park at 4.30pm, and should arrive at St Thomas More Catholic School  by 6.30pm. Pupils will need to picked up or have been given instructions from you on how to get home if you are happy with them to use public transport. If you are planning on picking your son/daughter up, please do not park in the layby at the front of school as the coaches will need to park there to drop off pupils.

Friday – Pupils must be in school uniform.

End of Year Celebration Services

Pupils are to attend school as normal, and the End of Year Celebration Services will be held at St Joseph’s church. Pupils will be walked to the church by staff members. After the celebration, pupils will return to school for their final pastoral session.

After lunch at 1pm the school buses will arrive to take the pupils home.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.